Interfacing manual switch with web server for home automation using esp 32

i want to interface switches with wifinetwork

Hi saitirumalasambana,

your post

i want to interface switches with wifinetwork

can be misunderstood in multiple ways:

one way to misunderstand is that you want to say
"post a ready to flash and well tested code and hurry up!"

I'm pretty sure you didn't meant it this way.

The users here in this forum are willing to help if you ask detailed questions. Most of them are not willing to help if they have to ask back for all the details. To enable others to help you you have to provide more informtation.

I will make an exception and ask for the details you should provide:

How much programming experience to you have?

How much knowledge about electronics do you have?

will the ESP32 be the webserver or should the ESP32 shall send commands towards another homeautomation-device which acts as the server?

using one ESP32 to detect the switch-state and then turn on a lightbuld could be more easy done through directly wiring the switch to the light-bulb. So I guess you have something different in mind. What shall your houseautomation-system do?

best regards Stefan