Interfacing multiple ultrasonic sensors and water flow sensors

please help me with the codes. the idea is i will control 3 parameters using each sensors and i need each single output from the sensors. thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have data sheets for the devices. We can't even start to help you until we know more about your setup. There are many kinds of ultrasonic and flow sensors.

i have the US-100 ultrasonic and the YF-S201 water flow sensor

Can you draw/photograph a diagram of what your application is and how the inputs and outputs are connected.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Defining "multiple" might not be a bad idea either, not to mention being a little less secretive about the type of Arduino. Now that we actually know what one of the sensors is, you might note that the YF-s201 is a hall effect device and best used with external interrupt. A uno has two pins available for this, therefore "multiple" means "two". A Mega has six.

Oh no, then is it not possible to use three flow sensor? I would be using three

A Uno has two pins for interrupt but, as I said, a Mega has six.


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