Interfacing Nano Serial Out with Seeeduino Serial In - voltage compensation?

I've got a seeeduino - I'd like to use - where I send numeric data to it - via it's USART Serial input.
The seeeduino has a max input voltage at any IO pin of 3vdc
The devices I would be sending data to it - are probably all going to be 5v outputs.
So I was thinking I could probably use a simple resistor voltage divider - or simply use a series resistor on its input.

However, rather than feeding an IO pin directly - it might be feasible to feed it via the USB port - and in this case I think a 5 volt signal will probably fine.

I would appreciate any words of wisdom on this?

"seeeduino" is a range of Arduino compatible boards made by Seeed Studio. Please tell us what model you have, giving a link to the specs. Also please explain why you want to connect a Nano to it in this way. There usually better, simpler ways to build your circuit than using 2x Arduinos. Certainly, sending data from a Nano to another Arduino via its usb port does not sound possible, or necessary. To convert 5V signals for a 3.3V device, your voltage divider idea is a simple way.

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