Interfacing NRF24LO1 with STM32F103C8T6


For a part of my school project, i need to establish an RF connection between an STM32 (full name above) and an ARDUINO UNO with a pair of NRF24LO1’s.
I have already done this with two Arduino’s to verify that everything works, however i can’t get the the STM32 to work with the NRF.
The STM32 will be taking the place of the transmitter.
Apon further research i found that i need a libary specific to an STM32, i used this libary in my sketch and still no connection was established.
I suspect that i am not correctly using the STM32 specific libary however i am struggling to understand the example sketches found at the following link: GitHub - jaretburkett/RF24-STM: RF24 for STM32duino. nRF24L01+ supporf for STM32F103 Arduino
i also found this document which tells me what how to interface, based off this document my code seems like it is working?
RF24: RF24 Class Reference

Attached is my code:

#include <nRF24L01-STM.h>
#include <RF24-STM.h>
#include <RF24-STM_config.h>

//one joystick one pot for rotation

#include <SPI.h> 

int jv1; //integers to change the size of the potentiometer readings and then send to the rf device
int jv2;
int rv1;
int off;

int button; //button logic
bool truth = false;

int msg[4]; //4 separate data values will be sent via rf

const uint64_t address = 0x68;

RF24 radio(PA6,PA7); //assign the CE and CSN pins on the RF device to pins on the arduino uno

void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); //initializes serial monitor

radio.begin(); //turns of rf device
radio.setPALevel(RF24_PA_MIN); //set power levels to minimum
radio.stopListening(); //this is the transmitter

off = 0; //button stuff 
pinMode(PA8, INPUT);

void loop() {
jv1 = analogRead(PA0); //reads the potentiometer value and stores it in variable jv1
Serial.print(jv1); //displays this number on the serial monitor
Serial.print("\t"); //prints a space for the next coloum

jv2 = analogRead(PA1);

rv1 = analogRead(PA2);


button = digitalRead(PA8);
if(truth && button == LOW)
  off = 0;
if(button == HIGH)
  truth = false;
  off = 1;

msg[0] = jv1; //assigns the 4 separate data values in the message to the 4 separate integers
msg[1] = jv2;
msg[2] = rv1;
msg[3] = off;
radio.write(msg, sizeof(msg)); //sends this message

delay(10); //0.01 second delay as to not overload the receiver module/Arduino

Would love any help regarding how to use the library or alternative libraries/methods to get this all working!

however i can't get the the STM32 to work with the NRF.

That is a very poor problem statement. What does it mean? The code you have does something. What does it do and how is that different from what you want it to do?

You haven't showed the code you're using in the Uno.

Are you sure the library you have for the STM32 will use a transmission format compatible with that expected by the (unspecified) library you're using in the Uno?

Are you sure the application code you're using in each processor on top of the libraries should play together?

If this were my project and I was required to use an STM32, I'd start by trying to get two of those boards communicating with each other before attempting a mixed system.