Interfacing PIR module for security system

Hello All,
I'm planning to make a security system in my home with PIR modules and Arduino. I want to place PIR module at all the sides of home. My doubt is can we run the wire connection for these PIR module to different positions of my home through the electrical wiring pipes?? so that i can put a single controller for all the sensors.Is there any interference problem?? Is there any chance to get my circuit damaged. All the sensors are running at 5V with the power supply circuit near the controller.

Thank You

Don’t run low voltage wiring in the same conduit as the high voltage AC wiring. Interference is the least of your worries but you will find out there are spikes in the power line all the time from motors or fluorescent lights, even from lamps being turned on/off They will drive the low voltage logic modules crazy. One close lightning strike and you are pretty much guaranteed to cook the low voltage stuff due to inductive coupling. One closer lightning strike or an insulation breakdown and you stand a good chance of cooking a human being.