Interfacing PM35S-048 stepper motor and Arduino UNO

Hi, before all, I'm new in the Arduino world, I recently buy mi first arduino uno, and this is so exciting.
Well, today I extracted and stepper motor from my old HP printer, the model is PM35S-048-HPL2, unfortunately all wires are green color, five in total, and i don't know how to connect them to the arduino can someone give me a little help.

I've only found a datasheet for a PM35S-048-HHC6 which has different windings (4-wire bipolar 5.5ohm, 0.6A).

So do you have correct data for it?

If not 5-wire suggests its a unipolar motor, but you'll have to measure the winding resistance to estimate the current/voltage ratings.
One of the wires should be the common, and have an equal resistance to the other 4 wires.

Thanks for reply, about the data, yes, is the correct data, I attach a couple of pictures showing the motor.

Assuming from your photo the windings are numbered left to right 12345
For Unipolar driver
1 & 4 make up one winding
2 & 5 make up the other
3 is for power 24V