Interfacing RD530 Bluetooth card with Arduino

Hello! I am trying to interface an Arduino with an RD530 Dell Bluetooth card from a laptop so I can use it as a Bluetooth module to transfer and receive commands, so I need your assistance on whether it is possible for what am trying to do to work. I have attached an image of the pin out of the Dell Bluetooth card. Thanks in advance

Normal Bluetooth operation with Arduino requires four pins: Vcc Gnd Tx Rx.
This device has ten pins, so the first job is to eliminate six, and it looks like you can do that speculatively, leaving pins 1,2,3,8. Pins 1,8 are obvious enough, and pins 2,3, in the absence of any other suggestion, are likely to carry the data. All you need do is work out how they are used to do that. You might conclude that spending $3 on a device that you can expect to work first time is a pretty good idea.


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