Interfacing rx020t LCD screen from Chinese projector

I found a rx020t LCD screen from disassembling a cheap PRC Chinese projector. The only information I've been able to find on it is here: RX020F-1100 | Shenzhen Rogin Electronics CO.,Ltd. I'm not sure what driver it runs on (if any) and how I can interface with it. All I know is that its 30 pins and runs off a GM8284DD chip on the projector's board.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

What's Your education and experience of delicate electronics and WLSI?
An ambitious and really talented "young" person might do it. Having experience one soon knows it will take a lot of work, a lot of time, maybe call for costly analyzing equipment, to decode the signals, find out about the wiring...
It can be a sport, or.... Use Your time to go to work, earn money and buy modern things. That's the easy way for people being new to the game.

Google produced this: rx020t - Bing

How are you planning to connect to the 30 tiny pins on the connector? Planning to design and manufacture a custom PCB just to experiment with it?

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@Railroader Thanks for your advice, although I felt that it was a little patronising. But I guess that since the Arduino is primarily targeted at schoolchildren and for educational purposes, that's a fair enough assumption of my age and career.

I am aware that there are better alternatives for screens that can be found for under £15. I was curious what was in a £15 quid projector and bought it for that reason. Disassembling it was fun and has already netted me lenses, heatsinks, and LEDs etc. for other projects which is worth more than its cost. The reason I asked was because a) I am loathe to bin the LCD and hence contribute to our electronic waste problems, and b) I am specifically looking for LEDs (most of the displays on eBay and Amazon are OLEDs) as I want to make an ESP32-controlled projector as a project. Non-OLEDs are difficult to find on eBay/Amazon nowadays. Hence I was asking on the off-chance that this screen might be similar to something else in Occidental part of the world that I could use.

From what you say it feels its very unlikely for there to be a shortcut and I'll have decode the signals manually. Designing and manufacturing (or finding a 30 pin adapter) is not a problem but I can't justify to myself spending the better part of my weekends in a month to decode the signals just to use it when I can spend £10 buying an SPI LCD from eBay which does the exact same thing. I'll probably bite the bullet and do that.

Shame about having to bin the screen though. I have found the schematics for the GM8284DD chip and probably with a magnifying glass would be able to make out the LCD connections (RGB input etc.) on the circuit board but again, I'm not sure if its that cost-efficient spending that many weekends working on it...

I read it as a straighforward question, not a statement. People of all ages and experience levels frequent this forum.

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