Interfacing SD card with nano

I am new to arduino and finding it exciting. I am having difficulty connecting a sd card board to my nano. Two problems arise. The IDE seems to freeze and does not allow me to select the usb port of my linux laptop. I cannot get the card to initialise. I have checked the wiring and can find no fault. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

To start, the Nano runs of 5V. SD cards need 3.3V signals, and also usually need more current at 3.3V than the 50mA provided by the FTDI chip.

How are you addressing these things?

The board I have has an onboard 5 to 3.3 voltage converter. One thing I have noticed is the pin numbering in many programmes refer to the pins at the side of the UNO board and I need to convert them to nano pin numbers. This is not easy. Eg I am not sure where the cs pin should go on my nano.

D0-D13 and A0-A5 are mapped within software to be the same for all boards. If your Uno program uses SPI and connects to D10 (CS), D11/D12/D13, the same pins are used with the Nano.

after a lot of reading and some thinking I got the sd card to receive data. However I tried to make a better cable connection between the nano and the card board and got it wrong. It looks as if all is ok but I still have problems using the arduino IDE. The serial port is greyed out. I tried a talkback and it worked. Should I reinstall or is there another IDE I can use?