Interfacing sixaxis controller to arduino via bluetooth module

Hi, I recently bought a bluetooth module (HC-05) (I think its the one seeed use for their bt breakout module thing) and I want to use it to connect my arduino uno board to a sixaxis controller. I need a link to the protocol the sixaxis use to connect and send data so I could implement it in my code. I can manually pair it to any bt address I want with my pc. The bt module can be configured as master or slave.

I need a link to the protocol the sixaxis use

Sure. First you tell us what sizaxis you are talking about.

Frankly, I don't think you have the skills you need to complete this project if you don't even know what the communication protocol looks like, nor have a clue how to find out.

Thank you for replying, I mean the Sony playstation 3 sixaxis dual shock 3 wireless controller. I don’t know how to figure out the protocol and I can’t find it while searching. I think I found something but I can’t understand it can someone explain it “” and this “” thanks again in advance