Interfacing Still Camera to MCU and Wireless Transmission


We am trying to interface a still VGA camera (640x480) to a microcontroller--that is, we would like to issue a command to spray some water using electronic spray, then issue another command to take a picture, retrieve the jpeg picture from the camera to the microcontroller, and transmit it wirelessly to the computer.

Is this a feasible setup using Arduino Uno and any of the cameras below:

Some additional info: the cameras above does JPEG compression, and there will be no processing of these images on the microcontroller.

The Spark fun one seems suitable and it has has a bit of arduino support, see the comments at the end of your link and the page:-

The other one might or might not be suitable I haven't looked at it.

The first camera, from sparkfun, has a link to a library for the Arduino. Someone thinks it will work.

Keep in mind that 640 * 480 is 307,200 pixels. The jpeg files will probably be about 80K bytes. At 960 bytes per second, expect about one and a half minutes to transfer a picture.

Thanks. What about wireless transmission? Any recommendation for a suitable bluetooth module for this setup? I was looking at the Arduino BT model; it seems like a good fit except that it lacks a USB port.