Interfacing the Arduino with Audio player chip?

Hi everyone I'm new to the Arduino and I'm working on a project for my Elec class at the technical college around here and I'm trying to make an Audio player for a project and I was wondering what people think is the easiest chip to program and interface with the arduino. Chips I've looked at are the STA013 and the VS1053 and I had someone recommend just using a DAC and using uncompressed WAV files.

If it helps the project I'm working on is a ammo counter/sound module for a Costume Prop Gun

Thanks, Peter

If it helps the project

Helps? Absolutely vital information because it gives an idea of the sound quality required. I would go for a D/A and an SD card to hold WAV samples. The wave shield from Lady Ada is good for this.

So would I want to use the MCP4921 for sure or are there other DACs I would want to considder?

are there other DACs I would want to considder

Yes there are lots:-

Maybe too many for you to choose from.

So how do know which to use?

Decide on what resolution you want from the D/A, then what interface method you want to use, then look at the price and then the availability.

what interface would you recommend for a beginner at programming the arduino?

As for Resolution, from that link you gave me it looks like 24 bit is the highest Any reason I wouldn't want to get a 24?

Any reason I wouldn't want to get a 24?

Yep plenty It's too expensive, It's too difficult to make a layout that gives you 24 bit resolution. It's more than the human ear can cope with. It's taking a lot of memory to feed it, thus cutting down on the maximum sample rate you can use.

You appear to want to design a system yourself with little idea of what you are doing. What's wrong with the Lady Ada wave shield. It's open source so you can make it yourself if you don't wan to but the kit.

mainly just that I have to spend the hours making one myself for the project

So does making one yourself equate to designing it yourself? What level of education course are you on?

Elec 110 111 113 114 116 xD

I can use a premade schematic to hand build a circuit if I understand how it works for example I did research and as another part of my project I'm implementing 2 4511 BCD to 7 segment display decoder/driver chips the schematic deign I'm using is just one I found online but I went though the whole thing to understand hot it all works. Other than that I could even buy a kit for something like the Lagy Ada board however Id want to use a generic PCB so that Its most custom looking to show I put the work into understanding how it works and less kit plug and play

Elec 110 111 113 114 116 xD

It might come as a big surprise to you but that is just a meaningless string of numbers to me and I guess most of the world outside your educational institution. I used to be a University lecturer (professor in U.S. talk), so are we talking about degree level or above or below and what country?

You don't need to use the Lady Ada PCB, just down load the schematic and study it. In fact there are two versions, look at the differences and maybe even improve things, like the signal voltage conversion between the SD card and the processor. Then build up your variation of the design on prototype board. I think that will satisfy the criteria of your assignment.

(I'm a first quarter student in the 2 year program) however I already know alot of what we're doing so far and am more interested in digital electronics like the stuff I'm trying to learn about for my project

The main reason I joined the arduino forums is I'm going to be so busy with the hardware to the project which is what the teachers want I'm going to be looking for alot of help programming it as I unfortunately dont really have time to learn the programming language for this project as their due Dec 1st X.X although I do have some programming background in C (not ++ yet) and a good amount in Visual Basic

And so right now I'm wondering what audio chip you people who know more would recommend to a beginner to arduino when it comes to interfacing and programming with the arduino.

What I'm hearing is I should look more into DACs and .Wav for this project or at least as a start so that I can get the project done in time rather than MP3/WMA decoders

So now I need to read about DACs, find one to use, come up with a design for a audio module and then ask for help programming it XD

Yes I think this is the correct approach.
The arduino is not powerful enough to decode MP3 samples, for that you will need another chip like this one:-

As the arduino only has a tiny amount of memory the sound samples have to be stored off board and an SD card is what is used a lot. So you have two problems, talking to an SD card and transferring that to a D/A. That is best done using the SPI interface so you need to look into that as well.

Best of luck.

yeah the VS 1053 I Was looking into potentially using one of those. I know files will have to be stored on an SD card. Ok so to use an SD you recommend SPI interface. I'll look into that.

EDIT: This DAC8554 should work right? As a 16 bit replacement for the 12 bit MCP4921 They both use SPI interface

Yes that part looks like it would do. Yes the SD card and the D/A use the SPI bus, but by using separate enable lines you can use both of them. Failing that you can always bit bang an SPI connection on any pins.

Ok so I've been reading both datasheets and I've matched that the following pins are the equivalent pin from one chip to the other 4921 >> 8554 1 >> 4 2 >> N/A 3 >> 9 4 >> 10 5 >> 11 6 >> N/A 7 >> N/A 8 >> 16 9 >> 15 10 >> 2 11 >> 3 12 >> 6 13 >> 3 14 >> 1

I dont know what pins 12, 13, and 14 on the 8554 do

12: IOV 13: Address 0 — sets device address 14: Address 1 — sets device address

Address 0 and 1 are pulled up or down. Used to identify the chip address when multiple slave chips are on the serial wire.

So do I wire the SD card to the DAC or the Arduino?

Also what would be better SD or MicroSD? (I dont think there's a difference when it comes to electronics) and I'm not seeing a price difference

What’s the difference between the 8554
and the 8552

The 8552 is dual channel instead of quad and doesn’t have the IOV pin and the Address 0 and 1 pins