Interfacing the DSC 1832 alar..

Hi all,

A newbie question for you this Saturday evening.

I have a DSC Alarm 1832 which have two so called PGM ports, which can be used to interface relays etc...

Each PGM output is designed so that when activated by the panel, the terminal will switch to ground. PGM1 can sink up to 50mA of current. Connect the positive side of the LED or buzzer to AUX+, the negative side to PGM1. PGM2 operates similarly to PGM1. If more than 50mA of current are required, a relay must be used. Please study PGM wiring in the accompanying diagram. For a list of the programmable output options, please see section 5.11 “PGM Output Options” on page 20.

So simly the question,

I want to trigger an Arduino action when there is current flowing, using the analog read function. This will trigger a GSM connected phone to send alarms.

Can I simply do the following circuit?

5 V from Arduino | |


| | | | 1k resistor

| |

| | PGM1---------Analog Pin, Arduino

Am i missing anything?

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That should work, if the PGM signal is an open collector output, which it sounds like it is from the description. You will also have to have a wire connecting the Arduino ground to the DSC device ground for this to work.


Thanks Lefty,

I will give it a try!

Rgds, Daniel

Actually you could probably read the signal as a simple digital input pin as it sounds like the alarm is a on/off affair. That way you have the option of using digital interrupt pins 2 or 3 so your sketch could respond to alarms automatically rather then having to continuously read the analog (our digital) input in your main sketch.