interfacing the parallax HMC6352 Compass Module

hi I am trying to interface a parallax HMC6352 Compass Module with an Uno. I'm a noob as far as programming and wiring and I am a little confused by the shear amount of data in this forum and on the playground.

if any one could help me i'd be very greatful

yet another amount of data :slight_smile:

You need to start with - - it shows its an I2C device.

So read - Arduino Playground - HomePage - too.

The sparkfun site - Compass Module - HMC6352 - SEN-07915 - SparkFun Electronics - contains links to sketches.

If you are starting with Arduino it is good to spend time doing the tutorials - - to get basic understanding how things work.

Please let us know if things work!

thanks I'll read these.