Interfacing TMP006 with Arduino Uno

I’m doing my first project which requires temperature sensing. I needed a temperature sensor that would only sense a localized area (e.g. a sensor with a probe). When looking for a sensor, I stumbled across the Texas Instruments TMP006, which senses IR from the sensed object, which is perfect! However, I’m a newbie in reading data sheets and could not figure out whether it’s possible to interface the TMP006 with my Arduino Uno. Does anyone know if it’s possible/how it’s possible?

NOTE: I do not want to use DS18B20 because I need a sensor that can sense a localized area.

Thanks, all!

it looks like this library would handle the communication with the sensor: SPI - Arduino Reference
You would need to verify on the data sheet the fine details.

JasonK, could you tell me a little more about what got you to that conclusion, how I might set up the interfacing, and what key things I need to look for on the data sheet?

sorry, after looking at the spec sheet closer it uses I²C (arduino library: Wire - Arduino Reference) not SPI


page 13:
The TMP006 operates only as a slave device on either the two-wire bus or the SMBus interface. Connections to either bus are made via the open-drain I/O lines, SDA, and SCL. The SDA and SCL pins feature integrated spike-suppression filters and Schmitt triggers to minimize the effects of input spikes and bus noise. The TMP006 supports the transmission protocol for fast (1 kHz to 400 kHz) and high-speed (1 kHz to 3.4 MHz) modes. All data bytes are transmitted MSB first


did you get that to work, I've just received one TMP006 but I have no ideia on how to use it. I was really really surprised by it size :open_mouth: