interfacing to a HUD


i've been reading some... and think I understand what I want. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of an LCD without the PCB directly behind it? I'd like to create a Head-Up-Display for the car, using an EM-40x from Globalsat, and Arduino and an LCD, as I figure it will be easier to light that strongly from behind than trying to find high-brightness 7-Segment displays. Plus then I can add other info, like compass direction...

Anyway, does anyone know of an LCD like this? Negative would, of course, be useful too ;)



I have not seen an LCD like this before, but it MIGHT be possible to modify an LCD to fit your purposes. If you can remove the backlight of the LCD and re-orient the connections going to the LCD panel itself, you should be able to have it operate nicely, although you would need to have the pcb somewhere near it.

I do remember once seeing a transparent parallel lcd in an old HP workstation with up-front status display. It was a 1-line lcd that had no PCB at all, the circuitry was all mounted on the glass of the LCD itself... there were just the pins sticking out of the glass at one side. (no backlight of course)