Interfacing to Miltone eTape

I am looking to gauge some water levels in one of my projects so I got the Miltone eTape from sparkfun:

I am trying to interface to it and am having some troubles, does anyone have any advice or sample code?

Have you read the appnotes -

It is in fact a variable resistor so you can build a voltage divider with it and use code similar to - -

How did it go?

I've just got some eTape to do the same thing.

StuHooper/Narwhal: I too have an eTape on the way from Sparkfun. Is there anything I should know about or is it relatively straight forward to interface?

I bought an eTape a few weeks ago, and found some code on this site:

It worked great- it averaged out the readings, and converted to inches.