interfacing to small OLED: CFAL12832C-W-B1

I found this OLED that is just right for my application, pricewise and sizewise.

Unfortunately, I am a total noob and although I had read the given specification and .pdf, I still can not understand weather this OLED will work with Arduino?

Can somebody, who understands things, please have just a quick look. According to the .pdf it would work with ATM256. Here are the links:

CFAL12832C-W-B1 driver: Sino Wealth SH1101A

regards, dejan

in principle I think it would work. The obvious difficulties are that it's 3.5v so you'd need level switching, it has teeny tiny connections, and it's not something that a lot of other people will have to hand to help you with.

I personally have a little box of displays that should work but are just beyond me. I've done better buying very standard sorts of lcd modules with well known controllers and BIG connectors!

It is a pretty thing though.