Interfacing with a Gyroscope breakout ADXRS613

I got a hold on a Sparkfun break-out board with an ADXRS613 gyroscope attached.

However there seem to be no example wiring. The +5V and GND points are self-explanatory, but the other four keep me puzzled.

Can anyone provide help? Which pin(s) do I set? LOW or HIGH? Which pins do I read? What do I read on those pins?

Another question. I don't want to do any soldering (I can, but don't want to). How can I connect the break-out board without soldering headers to it?

All is explained, here:

Read those, multiple times... One shows pin names, which gives close to no info at all. The other is the sensor's data sheet, that does not make any references to the break-out board. Neither helps me understand what to connect where.

I was looking for something like the or but for the gyroscope break-out.

All are referenced in both documents. Rateout is the rate output - connect to an analogue pin. Temp is the reference temperature output - connect to an analogue pin. ST1 and ST2 self-test inputs, connect to digital outputs and drive them LOW.

Ahhh... I see now. 10x. That is close to what I expected.