Interfacing with a Pololu servo controller

Hi everyone, I found a good article on how to interface a pololu controller to Arduino:

I understand the instructions, but the problem is that I already have a dual motor controller connected to the TX pin so I'm not quite sure what to do... Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D

Find a different motor controller like a motor shield.

BTW your link is broken.

Hi thanks for the reply, sorry here's the link. I guess I'm just going to connect my servos to the arduino...

Have you tried using the software serial library? I actually have one of these controllers, but I have yet to take it out of the bag and assemble it. The Arduino-based controller interface for my UGV will ultimately be connected to the Pololu controller to actuate servos that will control a pan/tilt camera mechanism; since I am using the USB serial port for control and status message passing with the main control computer (Atom mobo), I intended to use the software serial library to control it - I would love to know if someone else got this working, though. I had also intended writing an interface library from the code, as well, once I got it working and was comfortable with it (mainly to learn how to code libraries for the Arduino; they seem fairly simple to do).

Hi, no I haven't tried software serial library, I was just reading up on that, am I to understand that you can basically use any digital pin as a tx if properly configured?