Interfacing with a serial DAC

Can anyone give me some pointers on what I would need to do to get a TLV5618 12bit serial DAC running with an Arduino?
I want to be able to output 0-5v under program control.

Particularly how I connect CS, SCLK, and REF to get the chip working.


Looks like you access it as a SPI device, you might want to take a look here:

The above link has my notes on connecting to a SPI device.

DI would map to MOSI in the Arduino connectors I would assume.

From looking at the datasheet seems like REF is some voltage less than the supply voltage–but that’s reaching the edge of my knowledge of such things.

After you get the hardware wired up it’s a matter of sending the correct bytes over SPI.


REF is the DAC's analog reference voltage. The output of the DAC is proportional to REF. You can actually use this DAC as a programmable amplifier for applications like sound synthesis (one of my interests). If you are going to use the DAC in a more conventional way just give it a DC voltage--the output of a precision voltage regulator would be best. REF cannot exceed the part's supply voltage.