Interfacing with Adobe Flash Movies

I just got my Arduino and I know it can be made to interface with Flash movies.

Here is my question: if I build an arduino device that makes something happen in Flash, is there a way to make my arduino device "Plug and Play" so anyone can plug it into their computer and use it with the Flash movie? Or do they need the arduino drivers?

I appreciate any advice.

I've been experimenting with serving Flash files from an Ethernet-based Arduino (you could use an Arduino Ethernet Shield).

I wrote a REST-style web API so the Flash app could interact with the device by accessing URLs like this example (which would read the analog value of Analog pin zero):

My goal is to be able to connect to the Arduino board via ethernet and not require anything to be installed other than a browser and Flash.

This example may or may not be helpful to you. :slight_smile: