Interfacing with an ECU CAN for dashboard display.

Hi i am working on a formula student racing car, we have an ecu with a can output of all data. is there a way to plug the CAN Hi and CAN Lo into the Arduino and read out values to manipulate to a selection of LEDs and Seven Segement displays.

The actual programming of these is fine, its just getting the can signal into the chip so i can read it via the Tx and Rx as a string of numbers where i can bit select and use this to output the data.

I'm based in england so the reading up on the OBDuino site seems to do what i want but i needed this by yesterday.

MCP2551 and 2515 seem to be the chips to use, can anyone shed any light on these and possibly a library to use them i have found help but most sites seem to be in german or spannish and its not easy to read.

In short here i want to read a canbus register for the gear position and display on a seven segment.

I also want to read the engine RPM and light up and LED for a shift light.

Very simple things but so many examples seem to go way over what i need. All im looking for is a way to communicate with the can hi and lo of the MoTECH M800 we have.

I would be greatful for anything anyone has!

Anyone able to help at all :(

I've tried pming a few people. even if you can just point me in the right direction!

Not sure if this will help, but there was some discussion of CAN bus interfacing here:

You can buy a ready made CAN shield for the Arduino. It uses the MCP2515 and MCP2551. There is a CAN library and an ECU reader demo project.