Interfacing with CMUCam3


I am working on a project using the CMUCam, and I can't get serial communication to work correctly. We are using the TX/RX pins on the arduino to send commands to the TTL Serial ports of the CMU, but we aren't getting responses. I think I have the baud rate, and serial code correct. I think the problem is probably how I have it connected. Does anyone have examples of connecting the CMUCam to the Arduino?


I haven't used this but just looked at the schematics. Are you sure you have connected pin 8 on JP6 the CMUCam to pin 1 on the Arduino.

Do you get nothing at all? If you have a scope do you see Pin 8 of JP6 waggling up an down in response to an Arduino call. Is Pin 7 responding and you can't see anything from the Arduino?

Make sure you do not have a serial monitoring session taking place with the Arduino as this will stop communications with the CMUCam.