Interfacing with CNC software and hardware.

From the Author of Emc2Arduino: I've seen a lot of posts on people interested in making a DIY CNC machine, then struggling to make a decent gcode interpreter sketch for it.

If that sounds like you, I've already got you covered. The newly released HAL2Arduinobrings OpenGL accelerated CNC control software to your very own Arduino CNC project.

Please don't let me mislead you. This is a communication framework that allows your Arduino to link up to an opensource industry standard CNC host software. That way, all you have to do modify the sketch to make the motors move and read some inputs (like switches).

All the heavy lifting is already done for you, things like the gCode interpretation, gCode generation wizards, sample files, GUI, multi-Arduino communications, machine visualization, etc.

Its all opensource, free to the public.

So if your interested feel to check us out at

Any questions?