Interfacing with Flight simulator X


I recently bought an Arduino (Duemilanove) and I got the idea to use it to control some FS X controls (autopilot). Has anyone done this before or has pointers where to look?


you prob need some sort of usb HID emulating shield. i know there is one in preparation, but not ready afaik. not sure you can get away with other protocols, like midi.

for USB HID you can already use the CUIduino.

When I read the subject my first thought was hydraulic controlled cockpit.


I'm looking at making instruments for FSX - my first project will be a 737 MCP based on Wilco/PIC/FeelThere's 737. Is this the sort of thing you're looking for? I'd be happy to share what I've learned so far.



What you're doing sounds really interesting. What have you learned so far?



the fastests and simplest way is to use fsuipc (just google for it). It's a library which interfaces to FSX in order to read and write nearly every value from airplane and environment: autopilot, heading, speed, etc etc etc...

I was thinking about doing some stuff on this way, and it looks to be really easy.

The hardest way is to think what do you want: a simple heading/speed/autopilot/lights module ? Or a full A380 cabine ?

Using fsuipc is very easy: just read any value you want and send it to arduino via serial interface (may be you use 7 segment or LCD), or read any button/switch change and send to FSX.

I hope this information help you!

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Could you help me? I wanted to learn how to read the information possso in FSUIPC and sends it to Arduino via serial interface, I'm looking on the internet, but so far nothing found. It's a setup code? As I take the information in FSUIPC? And as I put the Arduino?

I am very grateful if you can help me

I think the arduino can comunicate Via PS2 ports, so you can give it some buttons (add loads using something like an IO extender) and connect to a ps2 port on your PC, google is your friend.

I have done something similar but with Flightgear instead. The controls do not have force feedback, but I have rudder, aileron, trim, throttle and some more controls. Currently these are just potentiometers so quite unfriendly compared to a steering wheel (are they called that on an airoplane?).

How can you communicate with FSX? I use an ascii-based protocol that talks over the serial. It both parses values and displays them on an LCD, and transmits the values read from the potentiometers. I gladly share the code if you are interested.

I would love to get the code. I assume it's possible to use the firmata firmware and the windows driver that sees the usb connection as a com port.

I just finished building the "projbox" and I would love to be able to use the 4 switches, 4 pots, and 4 leds to replicate things such as throttle, mixture, flaps, lights, landing gear, etc.. and a few indicators.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

I have a small project page at with code, (kind of) PCB, and some photos!

After months of research (& the odd holiday) ...

My aim is to make realistic instruments that work with flight simulators. I looked at my project brief and realized I'd need to add USB HID functionality so my device can be plugged into a PC and be seen as a HID device. Windows natively provides drivers for HID devices.

I've spent ages researching and the best option at the moment looks like it'll include a PIC18f4550. The project is cheap to prototype and will be cheap in quantity. Paul.