Interfacing with GarageBand

Hi there, I am working on a project where I would like to use a Arduino to control playback of a composition in GarageBand. I am new to all of this, so just looking for support in terms of where to start with my coding.


I have hooked up a Teensy to 4 touch pads, two potentiometers and one on/off button. I would like each touch pad to mute or unmute a selected track (or multiple tracks if possible) when pressed. One potentiometer would control a master volume track (set btw -10db & 4db), the other a master tempo track (set btw 75 & 120bpm). The button starts and stops play.

I looked around online and in the forums but there don't seem to be any solutions posted for interfacing with GB in this way, although there have been a few people trying to do a similar thing.

Many thanks for your help or suggestions!

I suggest you start with the example programs in the Arduino IDE and learn how they make things work.