Interfacing with graphing program


I need to remove data in a matrix from the arduino and put it into an array-compatible program such as Excel so that I can create a graph of the data. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get a graph of data collected by the arduino?

Thanks for your help!

did you get any response, as I'm interested in this too? it would be nice to export to something that matlab or octave can read and plot

If you can manage the array access on the Arduino side, I'd send that into Max / MSP (30-day free trial available). It's a relatively simple matter to parse the data and send it into a matrix, a spreadsheet, a histogram-style plot, a table, etc. It will also permit real-time updating (that would be a feat in Excel, don't know if it's even possible). You can record the incoming data and play it back, save it, etc. Bar graphs are a snap too, using the multislider object.

You can then save your table / matrix data and put it into spreadsheet programs (if you want to that is). If you just want a visualizer and a way to save the data, you don't need to leave Max at all.

Where are you getting the Ardunio matrix data from, out of curiosity?