Interfacing with hybrid RF modules

Hi guys,

Recently I bought a SAW 433 Mhz aurel data emitter ( it's in Spanish; I don't know how much Spanish you have to know in order to understand a circuit, but I'll translate whatever you think is useful), and its couple, a 433Mhz aurel data receiver ( I have no idea of how they work, since the emitter has 7 pins, whereas usual emitters have 4... I'm pretty sure it is a newbie question, but I haven't been able to find anything on the Net about these devices...

Thank you a lot! Although this is my first post, I've learnt a lot with you all!

The emitter (transmitter) has 7 pins, but two are ground pins and one is an antenna pin. A third is also labeled Masa, which is the same label applied to the two with the ground symbol, so it appears that 3 of the 7 are ground, one is an antenna, and one is a power in. That leaves two more pins, labeled "Entrada modulaciĆ³n, (Ver Tabla)." Unfortunately, my Spanish was a long time ago, so I need help with this. I'd guess its where you send the data to be broadcast.

The receiver has 8 pins. Two are power in; three are ground; one is the antenna pin. That leaves two pins, "Punto de Prueba" and "Salida". Help with the translation is again needed.

Oh, now everything makes sense!

"Entrada modulaciĆ³n, (Ver Tabla)" means "Modulation input, (See table)", and "Punto de Prueba", "Test Pin". "Salida" is "Output".

Thank you very much :)