Interfacing with IP to Serial Device

Hello Everyone,

I have an Extron IPLTFS24 (Sorry can post a link yet "Google IPLTSF24" first hit to see specs on the device) I am trying to use this device as an IP to serial adapter to upload sketches to my Arduino MEGA. I have modified COM1 of the IPL with a MAX232 to make the serial port TTL compatible. I can use it with the "Switch Case 2" Example and it works great either with a virtual serial port on the PC mapped to COM1 on the IPL and sending data through serial monitor in the Arduino IDE, or by constructing a special URL in which the IPL sends data to COM1. What I have not been able to successfully do is send a sketch to the arduino via the IPL. Is it correct that I should be able to send a sketch via PIN 0 & 1 and that it has to happen in the first few seconds after the Arduino boots? Any guidance or help would be appreciated. Ideally I'd like to be able to send a sketch to the Arduino VIA COM1 on the IPL and use COM2 to communicate with the sketch via one of the other comports on the Arduino Mega. The IPL has 4 digital I/O pins itself and I can trigger the reset remotely with one of those.

Thanks, Josh