Interfacing with IR


I'm in the process of constructing a couple of robots and am planning on using an Arduino for the main microprocessor.

One of the main tasks I need solve is the communications. I need to make one robot communicate with another via an IR system through one of 4 potential LEDs. I've got as far as needing a 24bit string that I need to send and am intending to output this down the serial out to a 555 chip to modulate it as needed.

To do the same but for receiving, I was intending to us the IR RX to demodulate directly then input into the serial in.

Does this sound like anything that anyone has done before and can anyone see any issues with my plan?


This idea can, and is used :) You need a IR Decoder chip as the TSOP48*, replace the * with the kHz frequency. Also about transmitting, using the 555 chip has been used in the Asuro AVR robot -

I used these parts:
IR receiver module: TSOP1136

you don’t need the 555 chip, the 36kHz can be generated by a hardware timer of the Arduino. An idea would be to connect the cathode to the output compare (OC) pin of the timer you use and the anode to the UART of any digital pin you use for output…

The receiver is the TSOP1136, which can be connected to the rx of the UART or any other digital input pin.