Interfacing with NetLab does not work

Hello there, I am a newbe and I am really excited as I am discovering the world of Arduino! I am really happy to be here and I hope we will share lots of knowledge!

I've been trying for 2 days, searching the Internet and scratching my head until no hairs left on how to make Netlab work on my Arduino Mega


Arduino Mega with Firmata standard downloaded inside
NetLab Hub 0.95 running in background
Flash CS4 pro with toolkit installed
EDIT: Running on Win XP Pro 32bits


When I try to connect the widget using the "connect" icon, it writes Widget '_id0' connecting... but never connects

The Hub outputs:

[Hub-Session-1] ERROR Error processing client input [/service/arduino/reader-writer/nlhubconfig/connect /dev/cu.usbserial* 115200] netlab.hub.core.ServiceException: netlab.hub.framework.device.DeviceException: Could not find available serial port matching [/dev/cu.usbserial*]
[Hub-Session-1] ERROR Error processing client input [

I have tried and tried several times using different methods but never got any widget to run...

Any idea??? :-/

(BTW, I am normaly speaking/writing in french. Sorry if some sentences don't make sense!)

Does the original Arduino software work normally?
Arduino 0018:

"Could not find available serial port matching" - you should check your port settings.