Interfacing with Nikon D80 SLR


is there somebody having an idea how to connect an arduino board to an SLR (e.g. Nikon D80). I'm thinking about building a bluetooth trigger...

Mr. Google doesn't really give an answer.



I suspect this would be done with an IR remote. There's "turn your arduino into a TV remote" type code out there, it's probably a matter of getting the appropriate signals for the D80. I would buy a remote, but then there's not much incentive to reverse engineer the signals since I would have the remote.

I've been hoping to stumble across this as well.


I realise this is quite an old post but just in case...

You can focus/ trigger the d80 simply and easily with the arduino using the D80 remote socket. The only issue is getting a connector to fit the nikon specific socket.

You can buy a cheap Nikon remote trigger here

and just cut the remote off and use the plug, the lead is about 5m so you could cut it in half, fit an inline stereo jack socket to the remote bit and stereo jack plug to the other bit. You would then be able to use the nikon plug on the arduino controller or with its original remote trigger.

The cores in the remote lead are, pink = common, yellow = focus, green = shutter, white is spare and not used. It is then a simple matter to use the arduino and a couple of transistors or opto-iso's to switch the appropriate core to common.

If you wish to go the IR route, then you may find the following useful..

That can control nikon cameras including the d80 using software and just an IR led connected to an arduino output. I have not tried it as yet, but I intend to include it in my camera controller project if it works reliably as the cost of 1 pin and an IR LED is too good an opportunity to miss :))

EDIT I have tried the above code and it would appear to work fine with my D80, I had trouble to start with but this turned out to be the IR-LED's I had kicking about the place, with an OPE5594A IR emitter it works just fine [smiley=wink.gif]