Interfacing with PS1 Memory Card

I found some old Playstation 1 memory card which seem to work well. As i mainly play on emulator these days, i thought of putting the cards to use in other things. So is it possible to use these cards with Arduino to store information like a SD card?
If its possible then how could i do it?

Short answer: No :) Long answer: Yes, everything is possible :) look in this topic and google for more:

There is usefull pdf which describes how ps1 works. But remember, that most PS1 cards uses proprietary Sony microcontroller which has no specs on internet. So you should use logic analyser to digg more about interfacint it... Or bypass this chip and interface the flash memory directly. Overall I dont think it is worth of it. Using SD is simple, with libraries and also cheap ;)

Seems like i have to get myself one of those SD card shields then. :) Thanks for the link. I might try something out with the cards someday when i have time to properly study them!

Or if you dont need memory to read from computer also, buy an EEPROM module. It has smaller storage - typically 32Kb, but they are not so much sensitive for wire lenght/precisous voltage-level translators/EMI interferrences. Price is similar.

Interfacing PS1 card is on my wishlist also, but its really not for weekend job :)

Hi everyone.

A bit of self promotion 8) I made a software suite for interfacing with a PlayStation Memory Card using Arduino boards. You can find it here. It's called MemCARDuino and it's open source.

PS1 Memory Cards use a slightly modified SPI protocol for communication with a set of predetermined commands (read block, write block, etc). Also, Memory Cards only have 128 KB (1 Megabit) of storage space so it's nothing fancy. While there is a file system nothing stops you from writing 128 KB of your own data, it just won't be readable on a PS1.