Interfacing with PT785 from servo city

I am trying to wire my arduino into the PT785 from servo city

It looks like it uses a pair of HS-785HB servos. What I am not sure of is if these servos are Continuous rotation servos. Looking at the video looks like they spin around allot in order to move the camera, yet in the servo spec sheet says it a max on 1260, which would seem to indicate non-Continuous.

Also the site mentions a closed loop feedback, which I can only assume is either a pot or encoder of some sort.

I guess what I am asking is if anyone has any experience with this system or the servos that it comes with and what is the best way to integrate it into an arduino? I would be ideal if I can just use the standard servo library :slight_smile: , but I don't think I would have that much luck.


My guess is that they took the feedback pot out of the servo and replaced it with one on the geared-down shaft. it must be a multi-turn pot because of the 400° rotation limit. I expect they are controlled just like any other hobby servo.

It looks like they can be treated just like a standard servo, instead of 0 - 180 (-90 - +90) degrees they move 0 - 400 (-200 - +200) degrees.

You will want to use servo.Writemicroseconds() rather than servo.write().

Check the upper and lower limit for the micrseconds value as it might vary a little from unit to unit.