Interfacing with remote starter

Hello everyone. I am working on a project where I would like to use an arduino to read and transmit data to a vehicle remote starter module. The remote starter has a 4-PIN UART RS-232 connector with 12V+, GND, TX, RX pins. The port is used to connect to external modules that send and receive data with the remote starter to do things such lock doors, remote start, read the temperature of a thermistor connected tot he starter, read door status in the vehicle, etc.

How do I go about connecting this port to my Arduino so I can log the information being sent over this connection?

End goal is to use an ESP8266 to monitor vehicle status from my MQTT server through Home Assistant. And then hopefully send commands to the remote starter from home assistant as well.

I am a newb so not sure what hardware I need in between the UART port and the Arduino.