Interfacing with the bluesmirf

I have a general idea of how to interface the bluesmirf with the arduino pro mini. But can someone provide me with an example of establishing a serial connection with a bluesmirf to a computer? Any diagram would help greatly! I've used the bluesmirf once with the SSC-32 board:

Is it essentially the same for the arduino?

I couldn't find examples of this on the site. Whats the syntax for establishing a pairing with a pc via the arduino and not the pc?

The Arduino doesn't pair with the pc, it communicates serially with the pc "through" the BlueSmirf.

So you could take any serial example sketch, and then make sure it and the software on the pc side are configured at the Smirf's baud rate.

Smirf's can be a bit tricky, there's a couple of firmware settings you'll want to check out against the documentation, like it has 5 modes and only one of them is right. The module I received shipped in the wrong mode and took days to trace the issue back to the firmware because the supplier incorrectly stated it had been tested prior to shipping.

oh sorry-I didn't phrase it right. Of course the smirf communicates with the pc. For the bluesmirf that I have with my SSC-32, I simply installed it and connected the wires like so in the diagram and my pc could detect and pair with it.
So I'm guessing I'm using something like:


I guess once my arduino comes in I'll test things out.

Yip, once your familiar with the IDE and language, and it shouldn't take long to get to that point, you'll be Smirfing in no time :slight_smile:

I'm using a Wee instead since the pro mini was out of stock. Here is the schematic I drew rather crudely:

does this look like it could work? I was not sure about which GND to connect with...any help is greatly appreciated!


why you must connect RTS with CTS on bluesmirf modem?

I make a sketch with “Modem Bluetooth Seeedstudio” and arduino.

The Datasheet:

My sketch is:

My code:

int RESET_BT = 14;  

void setup()
      pinMode(RESET_BT,OUTPUT);   // declare the reset pin as output.
      digitalWrite(RESET_BT, LOW);  // If the reset pin is low for more than 5ms = reset Bluetooth.
      digitalWrite(RESET_BT, HIGH);  // Stop Reset Bluetooth.
void loop ()
      Serial.println("Teste Bluetooth");  

On my sketch I put a “Logic Level Converter” for convert 5V arduino with 3.3V modem.

My sketch is it ok or not ok?

Thank you

Nobody knows if demss sketch is correct or not????