Interfacing with winbond

I recently read this post "interfacing a chipcorder isd1760" (I can't include the link to the post), since I'm working with a winbond chip, and wanted to be able to control it through the Arduino via SPI.

I used the code posted on the topic, got the addresses for each track recorded on the chip, but now I'm having problems to actually play the track I'm assigning to a button.

I have one button connected to the Arduino to play one track from the 4 tracks recorded on the chip. The first time the button is pressed, the track is played, the second time the rest of the tracks are played one after each other, and finally, when I press it again, the chip do not respond, and there's only a white noise coming out from the speaker. After this, the chip has to be restarted to make it work again, but with the same behavior.

Have anyone succeed on playing certain tracks from the winbond through Arduino, without making the chip crazy?

I hope this information is useful for some help, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you. ;)