interfacing xbee radio

Hi all,

i started working with xbee radios this week and first thing to do was to
connect them in a network by following igoe's first tutorial from 'making
things talk'.

i was able to configure xbees by assigning AT commands through serial
communication. but, after programing the arduino board with this code(which is
the same from the book)

i am not able to get any data from the pot0, and the only thing i can see in
the serial is +++. but i don't get 'ok' from the xbee. jumpers are on 'xbee'
mode, i tried this on ubuntu, and osx. i can communicate directly to the xbee through serial, but as soon as i try something with arduino board, it doesn't work.

i am not sure what i did wrong, but after i program the board with that code,
it doesn't work. i tried some other examples i found online, but the same
thing. is there any way to make a simple network with two computers and just
see that xbees can talk to each other? please help!

thanks a million

hi all,

i managed to get one radio to receive something from the other radio.
so how it works is that the radio attached to the microcontroller is supposed to send 3 pluses +++ to initiate the communication.

on the other radio that is attached to the computer via serial to usb adapter, i only get 2 pluses, every time when i restart my xbee shield.

has anyone of you had this problem before?

again, any hint, link to a tutorial would really help...