Interfacing Zigbee S2 with Arduino Due through a shield

Respected Sir / Ma'am,

I recently purchased the RhydoLabz Zigbee Shield for interfacing Zigbee S2 with Arduino Uno and Due. ( I am having difficulty with interfacing Zigbee S2 with Arduino Due. The XCITU software is not able to identify the Zigbee S2 board connected to the Arduino Due. The same transceiver is being detected when connected to the Arduino Uno.

I upload a blank sketch to the Arduino Due using the Arduino 1.5.6 r2 software and then try to detect the Zigbee S2 board using XCITU with the default settings. The board is not getting identified. The same S2 transceiver is getting identified on the Arduino Uno board with the same settings.

Can you tell me what could be wrong with the system or software setup?

Here are pictures of my setup:

Thanks in advance for your help.

--Nirav Desai