Hey all I am new to arduino.My part in my project is to design a beacon.The beacon consists of an wireless module,9v battery and a motion sensor.The motion sensor should detect a person passing through it and ask the wireless module to send a signal to the receiver (which is present in the other part which my team member is designing). i have an arduino pro mini 5V .I need to interface an motion sensor which operates at 3.3V and a wireless module which is 5V.One of my team member said its not possible to do that.I need suggestions on how it can be done.

You can read 3.3V from motion sensor output directly. To send to it, you will need a voltage divider (2 resistors) to take any 5V signals down to 3.3V.
Promini does not have 3.3V regulator, so you may need to wire in one of those also.

If you mean a PP3 type of 9v battery, prepare to be disappointed. They cannot provide enough current to operate an Arduino for any length of time. A pack of 6 AA cells would be much better.


Hey guys I just started messing with relay boards. I plan to use mega 2560 vixen 3 and 4 8 channel ssr boards to for halloween and christmas light shows maybe this year or the next. I pretty much got everything down the arduino is working fine with vixen I got one relay board working with it so here is question I plan to run 4 8 channel 5v 160ma relay boards together on one external power supply is a 5vdc 1a output on a wall wart enough to run it without any problems. Second part of the question is I have a rgb tree that has a built in controller that does a lot of different modes I was wondering of I can hook the power side to one of the relays and have all functions instead of breaking each string down to its own channel. That way it leaves me with some open channels

The relay coils need 160mA? So 4 would be 640mA?

Don't what rgb tree is. Why aren't all the relay power connections made in parallel to the supply?

That is what I was planning to do to power the boards I was not sure about the amps I would need so I'm guessing 1amp would probably do it as for what a rgb tree is. Is a led christmas tree in each string there is lots of pixels and in each pixel has 3 leds red green blue. And the tree has a built in led controller so I can just plug it into a 120 outlet but with the ? about the could I plug the controller into one of the relays instead of the outlet or a extension cord or would the relay mess up the controller on the tree

Hey guys I just started messing with relay boards.

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