Interference between HID-Project and Keybaord.h

I am trying to code the macropad created by Ryan Bates and am attempting to bind the encoder to volume up and down. When including the #includes for the two libraries, it doesn’t work. I get the error that there are too many definitions for Keyboard_ and that there is an error compiling for arduino leonardo (I’m using a pro micro). I’ve included my code. Can anyone else think of an issue that would prevent this from working? Thank you.

MacroBoard.ino (10.7 KB)

What is "HID-Project.h"? The 'switchcase_macrokeys.ino" sketch compiles fine without it so what are you adding it for?

HID-project.h is from the NicoHood HID library. The sketch should use HID-project.h or Keyboard.h but not both.