Intermittent Transmission on NRF24L01

I built a TX and RX controller for my rover drone.I finally got it working perfectly,or atleast I thought.For some reason when I steer to the right it won’t stay where I put it, after a second it will return to center or wherever it does when there is no signal.I have4 ps2 style joysticks and they all do the same thing when it comes to the steering to the right.I’ve switched the axis between x and y but no change.I just can’t seem to keep it turning right.Left works fine and so does the throttle.I’ve tried different servos different joysticks.I’m lost now.It’s either my code or the APM 2.6 I’m plugged into so I’d like to eliminate the code so if anyone could look at this for me and tell me what they think,thanks

workingRX.ino (6.09 KB)

workingTX.ino (3.16 KB)