Internal registers

This concerns the Arduino Micro. Is it possible to access the internal registers of the ATmega32u4 with Arduino software? Why? Set up the watch dog timer or set several I/O pins with one command for instance. Thanks, Mike

Yes, you can use PORTB & friends directly:

The watchdog timer register can also be accessed directly once you include the right header file:

The previous post cleared things up nicely. But, only if I click on the link shown in the post. If I go to / there is no link to PortManipulation. How can I find this information if I am just exploring the web site?

Also, if I leave off the "en" (, I get nothing.

The reference part of the site is really aimed at beginners. All the ports (or most as far as I can see) are accessible by the names defined in the datasheets.

I don't know for sure how you are supposed to know that, but the example code that comes with the IDE has some examples of port manipulation.