International forum name misleading

Current:中国 (Chinese)

Correct one should be:中文 (Chinese)

中国 = China

中文 = Chinese

Please correct it.


Nearly 1.2 billion people (around 16% of the world's population) speak some form of Chinese as their first language.

360–400 million people speak English as their first language.

It seems to me that the forum name doesn't necessarily imply a single language; "India", "Scandinavia" and "Nederlands" are examples which spring to mind.

I’m sorry, but Nederlands does mean Dutch in English.
The Netherlands (plural) translated to Dutch would be Nederland (singular), so without the s.
The Dutch forum also serves about the half of Belgium, the Flemish language is “compatible” to Dutch and vice versa.
So i can understand where this comes from.
We won’t quibble (<- google translate here) about that.

It can’t be a coincidence that this forum appeared with the announcement of the Seeedstudio partnership.
Could it be that they suggested to call it China instead of Chinese ?

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I love Al Murray's sketch where he asserts that Chicken is from China...

"C-H-I, Chicken... C-H-I, China.... the clue's in the name for @@@@'s sake."
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Do we distinguish Catelan and Castilian in the Spanish section?

Do we distinguish Catelan and Castilian in the Spanish section?

Le forum ne distingue pas des pays mais des langues.
Dans un pays on peut parler plusieurs langues et la même langue peut être parlée dans plusieurs pays.
La preuve il n'y a pas de section Belge ni Suisse.
Les Belges et les Suisse francophones vont sur le forum de langue française, les Belges et les Suisses allemaniques vont sur le forum de langue allemande etc....

Ce que vous demande sonnyyu c'est de remplacer "Chine" par "chinois" ce n'est pas compliqué !
Pourquoi en faire une histoire !

中国 = China

中文 = Chinese

Google Translate renders both of those as "Chinese" so this is probably an honest mistake.

However if it is wrong, it should be corrected. After all, we have a Spanish part of the forum, not a Spain part.

Thank you for advising us, I have notified the forum administrators.