Internet Access 1.5km Radius

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for a project, my plan is to connect an arduino to my router which has an internet connection. Which the transmits data over GFSK format with an SI4432 module. This will then be received by the client and then demodulated via another SI4432 module to an arduino. This will then be connected to a laptop which will then in theory have an internet connection. I understand the connection will be very slow but its more of the challenge of doing it :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any input about my plan? Im not sure what library would be best any ideas?


With wireless it's pretty hard to beat the ESP8266. They have comparable transmit power to the SI4432.

With 1.5km range you're asking a lot, but there is at least one demo that shows the ESP8266 can pull it off -- as long as you're using huge antennas. I would expect the same requirement with the SI4432.

How are you going to determine what data to transmit?
Connecting a wired ethernet port which has an effective bandwidth of at least 100 Mbits/sec to a very slow
narrow band radio which has at best 256 Kbits/sec bandwidth means that some method is needed to determine what gets transmitted and what gets discarded.
Are you going to do this at an IP level or at MAC level.
I doubt that an Arduino will have the speed, but a Duo may come close.

100Mbits/s I wish ha! Surely if I have a large enough buffer then no data will be lost in theory. I was thinking of it acting like a sort of rebroadcast station so probably at mac level but I need to give that some more thought. I will probably take the easiest root. At the end of the day if I get it down to the elementary data then I should save on any compatibility issues. As long as everyone is on the same song sheet we should be good? Unless I've missed something totally obvious?