Internet and power from USB to Arduino?

Is it possible to get an internet connection and power to an Arduino through USB?
In todays homes and offices there aren't enough ethernet ports to go around with wireless networks everywhere, so I want to use a usb port to get the power to the unit and an internet connection. A wireless chip is expensive and needs to be accessed to get through whatever security is setup on the network.

So is it possible? Thanks. Jay

Is it possible to get an internet connection and power to an Arduino through USB?

The typical arduino gets its power thru the USB connector on the board. I've not seen a way to directly make any internet connection via the USB connector on the board.

Is it possible to get an internet connection and power to an Arduino through USB?

Power, certainly. The Arduino is designed to be powered by USB.

But what does 'internet connection' mean in this context? Are you talking about supporting a protocol stack? If so, what protocols? What's at the far end of that USB? A USB interface is not a network interface. You can tunnel anything over anything with enough effort, but I can't make sense of what you're trying to achieve here.

I seem to remember that there was talk about developing PoE support for one of the ethernet shields so that might be a step in the right direction, but without having any clue really about what you're aiming to achieve, it's hard to say.

Thanks for the reply Zoomkat. I've been looking myself and just can't seem to find a way.

PeterH, what I would like to do, for example, is something like have an arduino check a website for a value and react to the value, say turn on a LED when you have an email, something like that. To make it easy for the user to setup it would be great to have it just need a USB connection. plug it in and you are ready to go, but I'm guessing I need a software driver to get the data, then have the software driver send the data to the arduino. Which sucks because I don't want the user to have to install software. Ethernet would be ideal but no one has ethernet ports at their desks anymore it seems. Even at work I only had access to one port and that was for my network connection on my computer.

What is this device going to be plugged into?

You refer to computers and desks. Is this something you envisage being used at an office? Since the Arduino's network access would be via your corporate network (unless you are planning to add GSM capability?) your PC would be able to do anything the Arduino can do, and better. Why are you looking to solve this problem with hardware rather than, for example, an RSS feed?

If you are connected to a PC anyway, there is not need to build an Ethernet stack on the Arduino. Write a program that runs on the PC and transfers whatever you need to the Arduino over serial.