Internet controlled RC car. Is it possible?

Hi, This is my first post on this forum :) , I've seen a few videos on YouTube making and controlling an RC car over the internet but What I think is wouldn't it be easier to use one Arduino with an Ethernet shield connected to a router (through cat5) and that router being bridged with another router which has internet access which gives the Arduino internet access, then using a webpage to control the Arduino. The Arduino would control two motors of a RC car. Adding an IP camera (mounted on the car) to the router would also give us live video. the questions I have are Is this even possible? Would the Arduino be able to control the 2 motors needed for the rc car to move and turn at the same time?

Im thinking of doing this as a project for my school and would like your thoughts on it.

Yes it is done before, have no time to find a link for you. Beware this is not trivial by all means. e.g. do you want local intelligence so that the car will avoid obstacles if the remote "fails"or the driver wants to crash on purpose?

no, I dont want any of that AI stuff just want to control the car over the internet, maybe for security I guess. Any help would be appreciated. I wouldn't need a motor shield or something to control 2 motors would I?

Below are some thoughts on a project similar to what you have described. If your rc vehicle uses standard servos, the arduino interface should be fairly easy.

^^Thanks for that link. That uses the same router I am going to use so I'm more sure it can be done now XD. And I will be hosting the webpage on a dedicated server, so you will need a password to get to that page. So I guess only people with the password (only me) will be able to control the RC car.

Finally got it working. Thanks a lot for the help everyone!!! I will post pictures and vidos as soon as I can!!

I saw this video

I use flyport wifi module that's preatty mall and powerful. It's like arduino plus a wifi shield, all in one!

Ah and it's open source and italian like Arduino!

it's really interesting. i'm so far working on the serial control a vehicle. I can not handle the encoding to control the vehicle. :drooling_face:

I did this very project during my undergrad. I created a detailed site which explains all steps involved. Take a look inf interested.

brandoncaddow-young very nice cant wait to try

Have a look at this: