Internet data usage

I used this other topic to check some things in HTML and CSS, and discovered something that worries me: the incredible amount of data that's (obviously) needed to put some text on my screen!

  • page contains one message, no images.
  • there's about 5kb text on the page.
  • size of the HTML file is 698kb
  • plus 35 Javascript files, totalling 5.37Mb
  • and 26 CSS files, 470kb
    Total: 6.5Mb!
  • Firefox cache holds 81 files, total 1.83Mb

Thank goodness I'm not paying my internet per megabyte! Anyway, you better not read this forum on a mobile phone... :frowning:


That does sound rather a lot. I'd hope that that Javascript is getting cached though.

I wonder what the old software was like in this regard.

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