Internet of Things Using Arduino

Hello everyone. I am newly at Internet of Things. I am using Arduino uno and Adafruit CC3000 wifi shield of an IoT project. But the issue is this wifi shield send data to thingspeak 4-5times. Than It doesn't send the data.Any help....Thank you

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lg, couka

I found the Adafruit CC3000 to be pretty flaky, even the later version. The earlier version (1.0) wouldn't play nicely with anything else on the SPI bus. The later version would, but I couldn't get it to connect reliably to my Netgear router but it would connect to my smartphone hotspot. Even when connected, it would only run for a short period of time (less than an hour) before locking up.

They don't sell it anymore and replaced it with the ATWINC1500 which I've found to be much better. If you read the blurb, they seem amazed that it ran for a weekend without hiccups, which I think says a bit about their previous experience with the CC3000.

I'd recommend you ditch the CC3000 and try with something else.

Arduino has had a bit of a history with WiFi, but people consistently say nice things about the ESP8266 - to the point where I think you would need pretty persuasive reasons to consider anything else. The ESP has some intelligence of its own and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. Depending on what you are doing, you may find the Arduino is redundant.

Another option is to use a standard Ethernet shield and plug it into a cheapo WiFi repeater.